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Project Manager

Hire us for a one-time project, or multiple projects.

You are in good hands with us.  Maybe the image here is a bit cliche` however, the sentiment is not. Rest assured, you and your client are in good hands with our seasoned and conscientious project manager leading the project through kick-off, to launch.

You may have hired another company to develop and design your website but you just do not have the time or the staff or even someone on staff, with the expertise to oversee a website project. That is where Grateful Web Services can help! With many years managing projects, we have you covered and yes, you are in good hands!

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Project Management Services

  • Site planning and review
  • Client meetings
  • Direct Communication with you only or with your client
  • Content and asset management
  • Timelines and milestones
  • Functionality and budget discussions
  • Keeping teams on track
  • Interfacing with other vendors, such as IT teams and hosts
  • Ad hoc services
your technology partner

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We are Grateful Web Services. A website design and website development company that also offers contract, per project, project management services. We have been involved in the website industry for over 20 years. We are located in Northern California but we don’t limit ourselves and can work with companies, anywhere!
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