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Website Check-up

Computer check-list
Is your website up to date?

Now is the time to give your website a check-up and even do an update!

Grateful Web Services is here to support you during this difficult time. We are open for business and helping our clients update their websites, add new services online and take advantage of some downtime to work on new website projects with us. 

Your website is a window into your business! With limited public mobility, more people are becoming internet-dependent during this national emergency and people are online and for even longer periods of time than ever before.  Take a moment and check your own website or have us do it for you. This is a perfect time to get your website up-to-date. Remember,  the current Covid-19 crisis is not going to last forever and business will get back to a more normal pace. Although this is scary and unsettling, as long as we stay healthy, life will eventually resume back to normal for most of us. 

A few things to consider

  • How is your SEO
  • Where do you show up on Google search? 
  • Is your website mobile-friendly? 
  • Is your website user-friendly? 
  • Is your website easy to navigate? 
  • Is your content giving your users the information that they need? 
  • Is it optimized to load quickly? 
  • Are you blogging?  Keeping your audience engaged? 
  • Is your blog outdated? Now is the time to re-engage your users! 
  • Is your content outdated and are you showcasing all of your services? 
  • Can you move any of your services online? 
  • Is your site secure with an SSL
  • Do you have a security plugin installed? 
  • Is your design outdated? 
  • Do you have testimonials? If not, reach out to past clients and they might have time to send you one and support you. 
  • Are you linking to your social media and keeping it updated? 
  • Are all of your links working? 
  • Do you have an easy-to-use contact form? Have you been receiving emails? 
  • Are you responding to all inquiries? 
  • Do you have a sitemap
  • Do you have a privacy policy
  • Is your website ADA compliant
  • Is your text easy to read? Is your background or font color too light or too dark? Does it strain your eyes?
  • Are your images clean, clear and not pixelated? 
  • Do images load quickly? 
  • Do you have meta-tags and descriptions of your images? 
  • Have you updated your Google My Business Listing?
  • Do you need help updating your website? Please get in touch with us!

We are here to help! Whether you want to take this time to give your website a much-needed makeover, update certain sections or need a project manager

The internet is still open!

Stay healthy!

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