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Benefits of hiring a small website company

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Your website is the place where potential clients go first to learn about you and your services. If your website doesn’t reflect a professional look and ease of use, you could be losing business without even knowing it. Your choice of website companies can play a big part in helping you maintain your online image. 


Hiring a smaller company usually allows you to interact directly with the owner of the firm. They will know you by name and you will remember theirs. There isn’t a big turnover of employees
which is often the case in larger companies. This way you get to really know the person that you are working with and they will get to know you and your needs. 

Grateful Web services has a 5-star review from all of our clients which is directly related to the service and quality that they get from us. We take our time in meetings without a stopwatch or reprimand from a boss because they are factoring in time to their budget. This means we can really build a relationship with our clients. We don’t have to bill the meetings and phone calls.

We take the time to analyze your brand and create a website that is creatively put together based on who your company really is. We build long term relationships with our clients and they know that they can always count on us to care about their issue. We truly care and that sincerity and kindness approach stays with our clients not only at the time they sign a contract but throughout all time. We have clients that have been working with us for over twenty years. That kind of loyalty says loud and clear that they are happy, well taken care of, and know that they won’t find the same level of service in many other companies. We have clients that have redone their websites two and three times over the years and remain with us to this day. Our goal is to keep our clients in the long-term. A shoulder to lean on for anything web-related.

A lot of our clients do maintenance with us and that is where you see how attentive we are to our clients. We do recommend Maintenance because even though you might think that you want to update your website, but the truth is you probably don’t. Do you really have the time or expertise? It is a real comfort to know that probably the most important advertising asset that you have is professionally managed and updated regularly.

Quicker turnaround

Smaller design companies have less management, rules, and steps that are cookie cutter. There are fewer projects in the queue at a time than a bigger design company. Your project will go from the proposal stage to launch very quickly without having to jump through hoops and perhaps change project manager halfway through.


Larger firms have larger overhead, that is a simple fact. They have multiple salaries to pay, rent, or mortgage payments for their locations along with operating costs like power, etc. That overhead is factored into your project. A larger company just cannot compete with a smaller company on project costs.


Here at Grateful Web Services, we will do our best to keep you happy! We call you back when you leave a message, email you back promptly, and look out for your website’s best interest. If we maintain your website, we will make sure that all plugins and the WordPress core will be kept updated as we are able. Routinely check links and issues with your website.

If you host with us, we make sure that your website is managed 24/7 and will work with our vendors to fix any outages as soon as possible. We also make sure you are using an SSL to help keep your website secure.

The bottom line is your are in good hands (not to plagiarize the Allstate commercial) and just know that we care. Check our Testimonials and Google reviews


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